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Growing Mint – How to Spot and Deal With the Mint Rust Disease


Mint is a robust resilient plant that’s fairly capable of take care of itself offering you do not over-water it. Nonetheless, if you’re rising mint often the probabilities are that at some stage your mint can be affected by the mint rust fungus.

You can acknowledge the mint rust fungus (known as Puccinia menthae by the scientific neighborhood) as a result of your mint plant will look very unhealthy. On nearer inspection you will discover orange pustules on the stems and leaves. Because the an infection progresses the leaves flip brown and die.

What Causes It?

Mint is supposed to be notably prone to mint rust if it is grown within the full solar, however in my expertise you are simply as prone to get it in case your mint will not be in full solar. Contaminated crops will contaminate the soil and can carry the an infection by means of the winter into the next 12 months.

What to Do About Mint Rust in Rising Mint

Sadly, there is not a superb chemical treatment for mint rust if you need to have the ability to use your mint after remedy. I have never but come throughout an natural remedy, though I’m nonetheless wanting.

If you happen to appropriately diagnose that you’ve mint rust it is necessary to behave rapidly to cope with it as a result of the “spores” which develop with the illness drop onto the soil and can have an effect on your mint in following 12 months and will additionally infect different herbs equivalent to majoram and savory.

Take the next steps:

Step 1: Reduce off all of the stems of the rising mint instantly the rust is observed, and preserve slicing them off in the course of the rising season.

Step 2: In the course of the winter make a small hearth with straw excessive of the mint roots. This kills off the spores which carry the illness

Step 3: Within the spring watch fastidiously for a repeat of the rust in your rising mint. If it returns repeat the process or dig the mint plant up and destroy it.

Rising Mint the Following Season

If you happen to resolve that you simply need to preserve your mint plant and encourage it again to wholesome life, quarantine it in its personal pot and preserve it properly away from all of your different herbs. Use the straw hearth remedy as described above and watch fastidiously for indicators of rust when the mint begins to develop the next season. Additionally use the straw hearth remedy on the soil the place your mint used to develop.

I totally suggest all the time rising mint in a pot on high of your herb backyard (when you’ve received one) or in its personal pot in your patio. This may assist to limit root development and allow you to deal rapidly with contaminated crops. Use your pot only for mint. You may make it extra fascinating by having numerous sorts of mint in the identical pot.

Lastly, do not despair when you get mint rust. It occurs to all herb gardeners at the very least as soon as throughout their herb rising lives!

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